A Cake Walk in Marketing

A Cake Walk in Marketing!


Within the grocery store palace known as Wegmans, the bakery section is one of the most divine.  Scattered with an array of cakes, cookies, brownies, and other tasty treats, Wegmans bakery is something worth visiting!  Now, though, it’s time for Wegmans to spread the word on their wonderful creations, and market to the perfect target audience.  With new marketing techniques, Wegmans could use social media to expand their mass popularity!

Wegmans could really benefit from market research, and these are some ways they could go about obtaining some findings.  A fantastic way to begin looking into the best new media tools for the company would be through finding the target market, the people who will want to buy from Wegmans bakery (Wagner, n.d.).  In any marketing endeavor, evaluating the lifestyle needs of the target market is a great place to begin (Wagner, n.d.).  Specifically in the case of Wegmans, learning about what makes them special compared to other grocery store bakeries will help to draw in more customers (Wagner, n.d.).

In the market today, millennials are a key group.  This particular demographic is most likely to combine grocery shopping and social media (Hartman Group, 2016).  Recently, it was found that half of all shoppers engage with food digitally through social media (Hartman Group, 2016).  The best way to target this age group, and engage their interests would be through Snapchat.  With 200 million active users, Snapchat reaches 11% of the entire U.S. population (Gotter, 2017).  Snapchat would be a phenomenal asset to Wegmans bakery, which would create a “behind-the-scenes,” authentic feel (Gotter, 2017).  By joining Snapchat, Wegmans would be taking steps in connecting with this younger demographic (Gotter, 2017).

Grocery store shopping habits are evolving before our eyes.  For Wegmans, a presence on Snapchat would help to keep shoppers interested, and showcase what makes the company special.  Bakery cakes could be marketed to millennial shoppers through Snapchat, which creates a “behind-the-scenes” feel (Gotter, 2017).  Social media, like Snapchat, would engage the young store-goers, and would promote the wonderful bakery treats to a whole new audience of grocery shoppers.


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